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This year Design for Democracy is focused on Building Community Power. Submit social media graphics that are original, nonpartisan, impactful, accessible and fun. 


  1. Design your graphics in the following format: horizontal canvas, 1200px x 900px, and save as either a .JPG or .MP4 file in RGB

  2. Once you’ve completed your contributions, consult the checklist below to ensure your submission meets all of our requirements

  3. Prepare a thumbnail image at 150x150 pixels in RGB, saved as JPEG, PNG, GIF for the gallery overview at AIGA.org/design-for-democracy

Submission checklist

  • Your message is nonpartisan, see guidelines

  • You have provided your social media handles so that you can be properly credited. If you don’t have an account on one of these social media channels please write “N/A”

  • InDesign or Ai file and linked artwork are set to RGB

  • Still social media graphics are saved in JPG format (1200px x 900px)

  • Moving social media graphics (such as animations or GIFs) are saved in .MP4 format

  • All images are 300 dpi at 100% size

  • All typefaces have been converted to outlines

  • Graphics are saved as .JPG or .MP4 without security restrictions

If your submission(s) meets all of the above requirements, you are ready to submit through this entry form. After each individual submission is uploaded, it will be reviewed to ensure it adheres to the submission requirements and, upon approval, uploaded to the online gallery. The online gallery will go live on aiga.org later in March 2018.



In 2018, in preparation for the critical midterm elections, Design for Democracy is focusing on civic engagement in communities

Started in 1998, Design for Democracy is AIGA’s longest-standing initiative. The premise: good design makes your choices clear. This year, in partnership with Nonprofit VOTE, we launched Building Community Power. We are encouraging civic engagement on the ground in communities across the U.S., most of which are underserved and politically disenfranchised. Our chapters are using design and design thinking to motivate the American public to understand their power as citizens, gain a greater sense of belonging in their respective communities, inviting them to register, and turn out the vote in the 2018 midterm elections.

This year, one of the components of the Building Community Power project is a grassroots campaign consisting of an online gallery of original, nonpartisan social media graphics and messaging generated by AIGA members and beyond for public distribution. All material is downloadable from this gallery for free—by both AIGA partners and the general public.



So, how does Building Community Power differ from previous AIGA Get out the vote campaigns?

Our national partnership with Nonprofit VOTE will allow us to share those digital assets not just on AIGA.org gallery but also through our partner’s channels and the thousands of nonprofits in their network, especially around National Voters Registration Day (NVRD, September 25, 2018). In the previous election cycle, NVRD managed to get close to 800,000 people registered in one day, thanks to the activation of corporate and nonprofit organizations working on the ground and via social media.

Nonprofit VOTE has provided us with relevant background data and facts pulled from reliable sources (research centers and institutes) that can serve as inspiration for AIGA members to create compelling collateral. The live document of background information addresses voter rights, registration restrictions, and challenges that particular demographics face in accessing information and acting upon their rights. Get more information about registration and voting deadlines.

It is critical that your contributions leverage this information to ground it in reality. What matters the most in terms of registration and voter behavior are personal stories that deeply connect cultural power to community power. People vote because of values they hold and see in others, and because they feel they're part of a larger cause and community. However, it is important to align our community experiences to the provided data and facts in order to leverage your contributions to the campaign and make it really effective. It is also imperative that your contributions consider designing for diversity and accessibility to reach the widest audiences including, but not limited to:

  1. New voters in 2018, i.e., youth and newly naturalized citizens

  2. People who have been historically disenfranchised of their rights to vote

  3. Diverse populations such as Latino, AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islanders), veterans, formerly incarcerated populations, people with disabilities, etc.

  4. Audiences who speak languages other than English

Again, it is vital to the spirit, impact, and accessibility of this campaign that your contributions to this social media campaign remain nonpartisan and in .MP4 or .JPG format (horizontal canvas, 1200x900px).



See Design for Democracy on Times Square !

This year, in time for NYCxDESIGN, New York City’s annual celebration of international design from May 12–20, AIGA Design for Democracy partnered with Times Square Alliance and the Design Pavilion to showcase a selection from our campaign on the NASDAQ seven-story, cylindrical video tower at 4 Times Square. 

A jury composed of Harry Allen for Design Pavilion, Tim Tompkins for Times Square Alliance, Ally Kostick, Global Brand + Creative for NASDAQ, Frances Yllana, co-chair of the Design for Democracy committee, James Hill of Nonprofit VOTE, Laura Peres, Pratt MFA student whose thesis is on platform activism, and famous design advocates Milton Glaser and Luba Lukova, will helped select content from the AIGA.org gallery.


Rights and reproduction

By submitting an image or video, you certify that you created or have ownership of the work—including the right to distribute stock images and fonts used in your design. You retain the copyright and agree to distribute under a Creative Commons “Attribution-NoDerivs” license. You grant to AIGA the right to use accepted work for reproduction in posters for the Design for Democracy: Building Community Power initiative, whether in publications, exhibitions; on its website, and for educational and AIGA-related noncommercial promotional purposes.

We really look forward to your inspired contribution this year. Midterm elections tend to be regarded as less important, when in fact they are more critical to making changes happen in your community, and impactful to your role as an engaged design citizen. With your help, we are building community power. Thank you.

@AIGADesign #designfordemocracy #GetouttheVote

Questions? Contact us at designfordemocracy@aiga.org



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